What is Innoboost?

Innoboost is Haaga-Helia University of Applied Science’s service offering that helps and supports companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and innovators in the commercialization of innovations. We support the innovation journey from the initial idea to the commercialization phase through various service solutions. Innoboost’s services can help in all of the various phases of the commercialization process: analysis, development, verification and monetization.


Are you unsure about your idea’s commercial potential? Do you want to find out what the competition is like in your target market or for your target group? Is it the right time to map out your patent and IPR environment? Want to learn how to “pitch” your product / service idea? Could your idea benefit from some service design or require further development? Has your product / service idea been tested? Choose a package that meets your needs and allows you to quickly and cost-effectively commercialize your idea. We have the best experts and dynamic student groups to test and commercialize your ideas.

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Innoboost helps to develop commercial products or services out of innovations. Innoboost service consists of four steps and you can use as many services as you like.